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Backwoodsman Magazine: The new Backwoodsman is here! Those words ring out across my household and suddenly I find many reasons to hide away in some private corner (the bathroom?) to pour through the latest edition of the world's greatest magazine. Muzzleloading, history, survival, self-sufficiency, hermits, fishing, hunting, home projects, surplus guns, survival gardening, and you would just begin to scratch the surface on what each issue has in store. It's 100% reader-supported for articles, so there is never any articles that are trying to push one product or another. Articles get you all fired-up to replace your black plastic M4 SOPMOD for a .75 caliber flintlock musket. Seriously.

Outdoors Magazine: An online magazine that focuses on outdoor skills projects, survival kits, and other tips. They recently published some original drawings of Nessmuk's knife and hatchet, cool leather braiding techniques, and I even found an article on there that describes how to make a small Pulski axe - which is one of my favorite post-TSHTF melee weapons. Plus 10 in a berzerker roll. :)

Wilderness Way Magazine: Wilderness Way has been a great source of what we refer to as "pure survival" - basically running out into the woods and just using the things you find in nature, naturally. Well, most of the time anyway.

Military Morons: A great review site for higher-end nylon and really sweet gear. I am not sure exactly what the dude who runs the site does, but he has a mad amount of discretionary income for buying top of the line kit. Very much tac porn and a great website to lose the day on.

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