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wo by Four Throwing Knife/Hawk Target

The below is a simple design for a knife and tomahawk target that can be made from surplus 2x4 boards.

2x4 Knife Target Diagram
2x4 Knife Target Diagram

  1. - Layout some 2x4s that are about the same length
  2. - You can either nail them together from the sides, or put some glue in-between them
  3. - Get some kind of backing - either plywood or smaller horizontal 2x4s
  4. - Put this on the back on the 2x4s
  5. - Nail it in place
You'll be throwing at the opposite side - so that the blade or your knife/axe is striking parallel with the grain of the 2x4s.

It's really cheap to throw together and can take a lot of punishment before you have to rebuild it. If you get the wood from the 'scrap bin' at Home Depot, then it's really, really cheap. The good thing about this design is you can use a prybar to knock out the middle 2x4(s) when they get crapped out and then just add a new one in and re-nail it from the back.

Since us "city slickers" don't see a lot of cottonwood or softwood stumps, this is a great alternative.

I usually add a few eye bolts onto the sides and hang mine from a horizontal beam between two trees.

- Many Rifles

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