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rion Camp - 2007

We had Orion Camp 2007 at Miller Ranch, shortly after it changed hands to the new owners. Like any good event, it started off with a ton of folks signed up to go, and then basically fell back to our core group and my two cousins. Who were also influenced and bribed by a pair of new Cold Steel Big Bore blowguns. Christmas came early this year. :)

We played our version of horse - shooting at called-out targets from different locations - instead of the more traditional basketball. In Oakville, we usually play horse with pistols, but since the Ranch was becoming more and more civilized day-by-day, we used blowguns.

Kit and matchcoat for the event - note the well-worn Brazilian machete on the outside of the pack

Mad Mike reporting for duty
Mad Mike reporting for duty

Many Rifles
Well-adjusted member of corporate America.

Implements of distraction
Implements of distraction

Nick takes aim
Nick takes aim with a Cold Steel Big Bore blowgun

Mad Mike and the Blowgun
Mad Mike and the Blowgun

Wes Takes Aim
Wes takes aim

Under the leg
Under the leg shot . . . note the e&e pouch on the knife rig and ignore the miss :)

More glaive designs?
Thinking of more potential Glaive designs

Knifey McStabs whips out a knife and hawk
Knifey McStabs whips out a knife and hawk, while Nick readies his blowgun

Throwing knife contest on an old cedar tree
Throwing knife contest on an old cedar tree

Matt throws
Matt throws

The coveted reverse stick
The "coveted" reverse stick

Reverse stick with a tomahawk
And with a tomahawk, too :)

Knife tree
Can't get enough of those Cold Steel True Flight throwers

This turned out to be the last "woods day" we did at the ranch before the new landowner cut down all of the trees. We hosted the event to a small group, but it was in our favorite part of the ranch, at a place we called The Campsite. By the time we came back for our next paintball game, all of the tress had been cut-down and the whole area was more or less an open field.

I don't regret the work we spent on our spontaneous shoot-lane clearing, but I sure wish we'd at least made a big fire and poured some Canoe.

- Many Rifles

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